Grabbit Screen Recording Permission Issues?

If Grabbit shows a pop-up that says it doesn't have Screen Recording permission:
Try the following steps:
  1. Open your Settings app and click on "Privacy":
  2. Scroll down the list on the left until you find "Screen Recording":
  3. You may need to click on the "Lock" on the bottom left of the window to make changes:
  4. Click on "Grabbit" and then click on the button to remove it:
  5. Quit Grabbit (by clicking on its icon in the menu bar at the top of the screen and selecting "Quit).
  6. Reopen Grabbit by double clicking on it in your "Applications" folder. It should show the Screen Recording pop-up again. Just click OK on this.
  7. Go back to the Settings app and now Grabbit should be back in the list of apps in "Screen Recording", with the box unticked:

    Tick the box next to Grabbit.
  8. You should now get a pop-up like the following:

    Click on "Quit & Reopen"
  9. Grabbit should not show any warnings about permissions and should be able to take screenshots again!
If you try the above and are still having problems, contact me at: